What is reach height on a ladder?

The highest permitted standing level on a step ladder is two steps down from the top. A person standing higher may lose their balance and fall. A person’s maximum safe reaching height is approximately 4′ higher than the height of the ladder. For example, a typical person can safely reach an 8′ ceiling on a 4′ ladder*.

How high can you reach on a 6-foot ladder?

6-foot ladder = 10-foot reach. 8-foot ladder = 12-foot reach. 10-foot ladder = 14-foot reach. 12-foot ladder = 16-foot reach.

What is the reach for a 10 foot ladder?


Max. Height You Want to Reach Buy This Size Ladder (assumes vertical 12-inch reach)
7 feet 3-foot
8 feet 4-foot
9 feet 5-foot
10 feet 6-foot

How is a ladders reach measured?

Measure the height from the bottom to the top of the ladder. Measure one of the supporting beams instead of the ladder rungs, since most rungs start off the ground. Make a note of the measurement. This will be the measurement that’s used commercially to note the height of a step ladder that is being sold.

What is the reach on a 12 foot ladder?

Fiberglass Step Ladder (16 ft. Reach Height) with 300 lbs. Load Capacity Type IA Duty Rating.

Should I get a 6ft or 8ft ladder?

Folding ladder (6- and 8-foot): A 6-foot ladder is high enough for tackling most home-maintenance and repair projects, such as changing ceiling light bulbs and painting ceilings and walls. However, if your ceilings are 10 feet tall or higher, get an 8-foot ladder instead.

Do you always climb up or down a ladder?

When climbing up or down, always: Face the stepladder. Keep your body centered between side rails. Maintain three-point contact by keeping two hands and one foot, or two feet and one hand on a ladder always.

How high will a 16 foot extension ladder reach?

Extension Ladder Chart

Extension Ladder Height Maximum Reach of Extension Ladder Distance of Base Placement from Wall
16 foot 15 feet 4 feet
20 foot 19 feet 5 feet
24 foot 23 feet 6 feet
28 foot 27 feet 7 feet

How tall should a ladder be to clean gutters?

The recommended safe working height of a ladder for gutter cleaning is 4ft above the step you’re standing on. This means you’re not overstretching to reach above you and can quite comfortably work whilst maintaining three points of contact.

How tall of a ladder do I need for a 2 story house?

On most two-story homes, this can only be done with a 28′ extension ladder. (This 3′ extension rule also holds true indoors and for shorter heights like one-story dwellings, you’ll just need a shorter ladder.)

What is the 1 in 4 rule for ladders?

The base of the ladder should be placed so that it is one foot away from the building for every four feet of hight to where the ladder rests against the building. This is known as the 4 to 1 rule.

How far must a ladder extend above the landing?

Summary Statement. Describes the OSHA rules for use of a portable ladder to access an upper landing surface – the side rails must extend at least 3 feet above the landing surface.

How much does a 12 foot a frame ladder weigh?

This ladder weighs 15 pounds.

What size ladder do I need to get on the roof?

A person’s maximum safe reaching height is approximately 4′ higher than the height of the ladder. For example, a typical person can safely reach an 8′ ceiling on a 4′ ladder*. Extension ladders should be 7 to 10 feet longer than the highest support or contact point, which may be the wall or roof line.

How tall of a ladder do I need for a 3 story house?

A 32′ ladder should be enough for most third floor windows. If it is a werner do not get the “black” rated one if you can help it. It is the heavy duty and they are very heavy. I use a 28′ Werner extension ladder for all residential 3rd story windows when I’m not using WFP.

Is fiberglass ladder better than aluminum?

Fiberglass is more durable and long-lasting than aluminum due to its superior weather-resistant nature. You can expose a fiberglass ladder to sun or rain for days on end, and it won’t rust or lose strength.

At what height is a person considered to be working at height ‘?

Previous regulations defined “Work at Height” as being at least two metres high above ground level. The 2005 regulations have removed this criterion and place no minimum height for which work at height considerations apply.

When should you not use a ladder?

Do not use a ladder that has cracks, lose or corroded rivets, defective braces, or parts (including the slip resistant feet) that are in poor condition. Make sure it is free of grease or oil or other slippery substances. Open the stepladder spreaders and shelf fully and lock the braces. Check stability.

How do you spot a ladder?

How to Use Ladders Safely | Ask This Old House – YouTube

Can you lean a ladder against gutter?

SHORT ANSWER: No, it’s not safe to lean a ladder against a gutter. Make sure you lean your ladder against a strong resting point that’s sturdy enough to support it.

Can you lean a ladder against a window?

The short answer to the question – “can you put a ladder against a window” is no. You should never attempt to lean a ladder against a window even if you think it’s secure. The force of the ladder against the glass plus the additional weight of you, your equipment, etc. can cause the glass to crack or shatter.

How high is a 2 story house UK?

Now, most people live in two-storey buildings which average a height between 4.7 and 5.8 metres (or 15.5 – 19 foot).

What is the correct ladder angle?

The correct angle for a ladder is 75 degrees or the 1 in 4 rule.

How far out should the bottom of a ladder be from the wall?

Use the 4-to-1 rule: Make sure the ladder is 1 foot away from the wall for every 4 feet that the ladder rises. For example, if the ladder touches the wall 16 feet above the ground, the feet/base of the ladder should be 4 feet from the wall.

What is the belt buckle rule?

A simple rule that everyone should learn and follow from ladder training is called the “belt buckle rule.” This rule is very self-explanatory. The user of the ladder should simply keep their body positioned to keep their torso and belt buckle in between the side rails of the ladder.

How high can you climb a ladder without fall protection?

Ladders and Fall Protection

Although personal fall protection is required for workers exposed to a potential fall from an unprotected edge of six feet or more, fall protection is not required for workers on fixed ladders 24 feet or less, or on portable ladders of any height.

What are the top three OSHA cited ladder violations?

What are the top three OSHA-cited ladder violations? Lack of worker training, Improper use of the top of step ladders, Not having a portable ladder extend three feet above the landing, View the image and decide whether it has good maintenance or bad maintenance.

How high is a 13 step ladder?

Fiberglass Podium Stepladder, 13 ft Ladder Height, 9-1/2 ft Platform Height, 300 lb.

How heavy is a Little Giant ladder?

The Super Duty™ from Little Giant Ladders® can help you get your work done quickly, and with its ultra-durable 375 lb. rating, it is ideal for all of your big jobs.

Super Duty Specs.

Weight Capacity 375 lbs.
Ship Width 2.08 ft
Ship Height 7.5 in
Ship Weight 42.0 lb
Spreader System Hinge Lock

How much does a 12 ft fiberglass ladder weight?

Werner 6212 stepladders, 12 Feet, Ft

Brand Werner
Color Orange
Material Fiberglass
Item Weight 48 Pounds
Item Dimensions LxWxH 6.5 x 34 x 145 inches

Why should you never paint a ladder?

Never paint wooden ladders, as the paint may hide cracks and other defects. Be careful when carrying a ladder so you do not accidentally strike another person. Always place a ladder on solid level ground or other appropriate and stable surface.

How long will a fiberglass ladder last?

A fiberglass ladder that has not been maintained at all can be expected to last between one and three years, but its lifetime can be extended by periodic washing and waxing.

What is the difference between a Type 1 and Type 2 ladder?

Type I ladders are manufactured for heavy-duty use. c) Type II – These ladders have a duty rating of 225 pounds. Type II ladders are approved for medium-duty use.