How many hp is a golf cart motor?

The average gas powered carts have 10 to 12 horsepower. These engines operate similar to that of a car which means that their maintenance will be similar to that of a car.

How many horsepower is a 48 volt golf cart?

Club Car DS 10 Horsepower Motor (48 Volt) | Golf Cart Parts.

How powerful is a golf cart motor?

The electrical model has a 3.3 horsepower engine with a peak horsepower of 13, one of the most powerful Club Car models on the market. Its power comes from six 8-volt batteries which utilize a single-point watering system to keep the batteries operating smoothly.

What size motor is on a golf cart?

What Size Engine Is In A Golf Cart? On average, gas-powered golf carts are 12-13.5 horsepower with regular unleaded gasoline. As they operate like a car, their maintenance must be kept in the same manner.

How many HP is a 36v golf cart?

36 Volt Series Motor with Less Torque (-15% over stock) at 8.6 Peak Horsepower and speeds up to 21 MPH with stock controller.

How fast can a 48V golf cart go?

The standard 48v golf cart will travel between 12 to 14 mph. However, if you apply modifications to the vehicle you can expect top speeds of 20 to 24mph.

How much HP does an electric golf cart have?

With horsepower ratings ranging from 10-12 HP, gas golf cars are as much as 3-4 times more powerful than their electric counterparts. An electric golf cart, on average, will feature a 3-5 HP electric motor – but that’s not to say electric carts aren’t impressively powerful in their own right.

How many HP is an electric golf cart?

Many of the 48-volt golf carts come with either a DC or AC electric motor. Each has its own horsepower rating. The average horsepower for a 48V-56V golf cart is 4.17 hp, ranging from a low 3.0 hp for the EZGO TXT and Valor, to a high 6.7 hp for the Yamaha Drive2 PTV PowerTech AC.

What is the fastest electric golf cart?

The fastest three electric golf carts, besides the 2Five, are the STAR Sirius 2+2 manufactured in the US and the Chinese manufactured ECO Drive 2+2 and ECO Plus 2+2, that both have a top speed of 25 mph.

How fast is a gas golf cart?

A gas cart can run up to 18 – 20 mph and there are not many speed upgrades you can do to one. In addition, electric carts will get up to top speed faster as well.

How many RPM is a golf cart motor?

12″ tires, 4400 RPM, tops speed is 52.38 mph. Standard golf car controllers deliver a maximum of 225-275 amps sufficient for golf car applications and flat ground use. If you wish to install a larger 3.5 or 5 hp motor, it’s small size may cause overheating.

How many cc is a 48 volt golf cart?

How Many Cc Is A Golf Cart Motor?

EX1 Gas 48V Electric
POWER SOURCE 4-Cycle, 9.15 cu in (150 cc) 48 Volt DC
VALVE TRAIN Single Cylinder OHV
MOTOR TYPE Single Cylinder OHV, 4 Cycle, 9.15 cu in (150 cc) 48 Volt DC, Shunt Wound
FUEL SYSTEM Closed-Loop Electronic Fuel Injection N/A

How fast is a 36V ezgo?

Looking at the specifications for EZ Go electric golf carts, you notice a cart with a 36-volt motor is capable of 12 to 14 mph top speed. In addition, you notice a cart that’s powered by a 48-volt motor can reach speeds just below 20 mph.

What horsepower is an ezgo golf cart?

For all models of the E-Z-Go, the engine is air cooled and produces 9 horsepower. The engine is a twin-cylinder unit, displacing 18 cubic inches.

How fast is a 1500w ebike?

How Fast Does a 1500w Electric Bike Go? A 1500w electric bike goes approximately 40 mph (64 km/h) on flat ground.

Which is better 36 volt or 48 volt golf cart?

Basically, a 48V system gives you more “pep in your step” and picks up/speeds up a bit faster than a 36V system. Energy Needed/Amps Drawn- A 48V system draws less amps and provides a little more range with all things being equal (cart/passenger payload weight, motor horsepower, etc).

How fast is a 72 volt golf cart?


Express S2
TURNING RADIUS 11.0 ft (3.4 m)
SPEED (LEVEL GROUND) 19 mph (31 kph) max

How fast is a 13.5 HP golf cart?

The gas engine is only a 13.5 HP engine while the electric engine is a 22.4 HP engine.

9 Popular Golf Carts And Their Top Speed.

Golf Cart Model Top Speed In Miles Per Hour
EZ Go Express L6 16.5 mph
EZ Go RXV 15 mph
EZ Go Shuttle 8 EFI 16.5 mph
Cushman Hauler 800 14.5 mph

Is 30 mph fast for a golf cart?

Depending on how far you want to go on a full charge, you might want a 40mph or a 30mph golf cart. At top speed, most golf carts do around 14mph. However, with the advent of street legal golf carts and modifications, it is possible to go 35mph and above.

How can I make my electric golf cart go faster?

6 Ways You Can Make a Golf Cart Faster

  1. Add More Torque to Your Golf Cart.
  2. Upgrade Your Golf Cart’s Motor.
  3. Improve the High-Speed Controller of the Cart.
  4. Add Better Golf Cart Tires.
  5. Use a Higher Powered Golf Cart Battery.
  6. Watch the Weight in Your Golf Cart.

Is 20 mph fast for a golf cart?

In order for a golf cart to be street-legal, it needs to meet speeds of 20 miles per hour.

Which is better electric or gas powered golf carts?

Electric Golf Cart Benefits

Electric golf carts produce no emissions. Thus, they are friendlier to the environment. They also produce less noise than gas carts. Most electric golf carts cost slightly less to purchase and they are less frequently used for custom-built carts.

What is high mileage for a golf cart?

An average electric golf cart with a 48-volt system can go for 40 miles on a single charge up to 80 miles if driving through flat and level surfaces.

What kind of engine is in a golf cart?

What Size Engine Is In A Golf Cart? Gas powered golf carts are powered by regular unleaded gasoline and typically have a horsepower of 10- to 12-volt. Unlike cars, these engines operate very similarly, and their maintenance will essentially fall in line with that of a car.

How many Motors do golf carts have?

Electric golf carts have two different types of motor options: DC and AC motors. The first type was the most commonly used for years, but a growing number of cart manufacturers are shifting to AC motors.

How can I make my EZ GO TXT 36 volt faster?

Put larger tires on the cart. Larger tires will allow the 36 volts to work at the same power but cover more ground, as the larger surface area of the tires covers more ground. Replace any old or worn-out parts that are causing the cart to move slower than it should.

How fast can a 36v golf cart go?

How fast is a 36 volt golf cart? Without any upgrades, you can plan on max speeds between 12-14 mph.

How fast can a golf cart go without a governor?

Consult with your golf cart manufacturer, but replacing your speed control can increase your speed to 20 mph or more, depending on your upgrade. A typical electric cart without an upgraded speed control tops out around 12 mph.

What engine is in a gas ezgo golf cart?

In all versions, they achieve horsepower of 9. 18 cubic inches of displacement is provided by a twin-cylinder engine. Overhead cam, with overhead valves, are included.

How Many Cc Is An Ezgo Golf Cart?

EX1 Gas 48V Electric
POWER SOURCE 4-Cycle, 9.15 cu in (150 cc) 48 Volt DC
VALVE TRAIN Single Cylinder OHV

How much horsepower does a Club Car DS have?

The DS Player Engine Specs

The electric engine has 3.2 horsepower at 2,400 rpm (continuous) or up to 10 horsepower at 1,125 rpm (intermittent). It runs on six 8-volt batteries and has an automatic 48-volt DC 17-amp charger.

What kind of engine is in a ezgo gas golf cart?

The DS Player Engine Specs

The electric engine has 3.2 horsepower at 2,400 rpm (continuous) or up to 10 horsepower at 1,125 rpm (intermittent). It runs on six 8-volt batteries and has an automatic 48-volt DC 17-amp charger.

How fast does a 3000W electric bike go?

It is about 50 mph (80 km/h), a 3000w e-bikes can reach speeds of more than 50 mph.

How fast is 3000W in mph?

Yes, they are! Of course, 3000W eBikes also come limited to one of the class types (often classified as type 3). However, if you had the speed limit removed, you would easily be able to achieve about 62 MPH (or even higher)!

How fast is 2000w in mph?

A 2000w e-bike produces around 2.6 horsepower, which equals a top speed of about 30 mph or 48 kph.

How long do golf cart batteries last?

When you drive a battery-powered golf cart model, it’s important to charge it correctly and maintain your cart so that your battery will last as long as possible. When you take care of your golf cart’s battery, you can expect it to last anywhere between five and ten years.

How much is a golf cart battery?

The general consensus for battery replacement ranges from $800 on the low end to $1500 on the high end. Some packs cost as much as $2000 when you start dealing with 72 Volt systems and sealed batteries. But, for the typical lead acid battery pack, $900 to $1500 is about the norm.

Should I keep my golf cart plugged in all the time?

No, it’s not recommended that you leave your golf cart plugged in all the time. Although automatic chargers are designed to prevent over-charging, there is still the risk of the circuit breaker tripping, which would result in damage to your battery’s cells.