How long is the play jitney?

Jitney review – August Wilson’s playful and poignant drama is a triumph. The Broadway debut of August Wilson’s Jitney by Manhattan Theatre Club is that very rare thing – a play that ought to be longer. Ruben Santiago-Hudson’s production runs two and a half hours and uses the whole of the published text.

What type of play is Jitney?

Jitney is a play by August Wilson.

Jitney (play)

Genre Drama
Setting 1977, a worn-down gypsy cab station in Pittsburgh’s Hill District

What is the plot of Jitney?

Plot Synopsis

Jitney is August Wilson’s first play, written in and about the late 1970s in Pittsburgh’s Hill District. The action takes place in a run-down station of a gypsy cab company. Becker, who runs the station, is a world-weary man of a certain age who has just received a pair of bitter blows.

What happens at the end of Jitney?

The final scene in Jitney honors the memory of Becker. The men vow to continue the fight to keep the car service alive. Booster talks about his father and the respect he had for the honorable man. The final moment before the curtain is Booster answering the phone as Becker always did, with the words, ”car service.

Is jitney a Pittsburgh thing?

In Pittsburgh, jitney drivers congregate at grocery stores and the Downtown Greyhound station, or at jitney stations sprinkled around the city and suburbs.

What does jitney stand for?

1 : an unlicensed taxicab. 2 [from the original 5 cent fare] : bus sense 1a especially : a small bus that carries passengers over a regular route on a flexible schedule.

What is the theme of Jitney?

“Jitney” is occupied with recurring Wilson themes: the gradual gentrification of the Hill District, the economic and psychological oppression that weighs down and sometimes divides the black community.

Who is the protagonist in Jitney?

Turnbo is an older man who is distressed with the manners of the young people today, especially those of fellow cab driver, Youngblood, and is obsessed with comparing their actions to those he remembers from his happier past.

Who wrote Jitney?

Turnbo is an older man who is distressed with the manners of the young people today, especially those of fellow cab driver, Youngblood, and is obsessed with comparing their actions to those he remembers from his happier past.

When did August Wilson wrote Jitney?

“August wrote it in 1979, but it wasn’t complete.

Who produced Jitney?

A. Russell Andrews (u/s Philmore, Becker, Doub, Turnbo) Founding member of award winning StageWalkers Productions. Russell won 2 NAACP Theatre Awards and 2 LA Ovation Awards for work as actor/producer with Wilson’s Jitney and Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, where he won his first Best Actor NAACP.

What is a jitney bus in Miami?

A dollar van (also known as a jitney) is a privately-owned type of bus service used to carry passengers in the United States. Dollar vans are typically modified passenger vans, and often operate in urban neighborhoods that are under-served by public mass transit or taxis.

Are jitneys running in Atlantic City?

The Jitney is Atlantic City’s long-running, primary form of public transportation. You can ride the Jitney from one end of Atlantic City to the other for a low fare.

Why is it called a jitney?

A jitney is a vehicle, usually a bus, that carries passengers for a very low fare. The term originated in the early 1900s to describe a private bus or car that ferried people between a city bus and a taxi. The name came from the slang term, jitney, meaning a nickel. Any length of ride on a jitney cost five cents.

What kind of vehicle is a jitney?

noun, plural jit·neys. a small bus or car following a regular route along which it picks up and discharges passengers, originally charging each passenger five cents.

What is a jitney ride?

A jitney is a form of public transportation which is like a cross between a private taxi and a fully public bus. Riders on a jitney are taken on a fixed route, like with a bus, but the schedule is flexible, and the driver can make small detours to reach specific locations, which makes it similar to a taxi.

Who is Darnell in Jitney?

Darnell Williams (Youngblood)

Youngblood is a young father and Vietnam veteran, trying to get ahead and find his version of the American dream of success. He works two jobs saving for the down payment on a house, but hiding this purchase from his girlfriend becomes problematic.

When was Jitney made?

…he wrote several plays, including Jitney, which was first produced in 1982.

What is a 1953 Jitney?

Jitney was originally slang for a nickel or 5-cent piece. THe first use for a vehicle was jitney bus or jitney omnubus a small bus, which carried passengers for hire with a 5 cent fare. By association with the low fare and poor condition of these busses it came to mean anything cheap or dilapidated.

How much does it cost to ride the jitney in Atlantic City?

The one-way fare for the jitney is $2.25.

Is the jitney free in Atlantic City?

AC Jitney provides complimentary shuttle service from the Rail Terminal to all Atlantic City casinos, the bus station (under special or emergency circumstances), and back to the Rail Terminal. Upon arriving, simply exit the station downstairs, and board one of our complimentary shuttles.

What NJ Transit bus goes to Atlantic City?

The 319 bus offers year-round service from Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York City to Atlantic City, with limited stops in Jersey City, Newark, and Toms River.

Who owns the Hampton Jitney?

Hampton Jitney buses are ubiquitous across the city, transporting hordes of folks to and from vacation homes all summer long. Now the owner of the company, Missy Lynch, is selling her waterfront Quogue estate for $5.79 million. The news was first reported by Curbed.

What does Jitney lunch mean?

“So, on account of the low fare or the poor quality of these buses, used attrib. to denote anything cheap, improvised, or ramshackle.”

Where does the Jitney pick up in NYC?

Only South Fork-bound passengers will be picked up at this stop, located on the west side of Lexington Avenue between 68th and 69th streets. Passengers heading to either the North or South forks can catch the bus at this stop, located between 59th and 60th streets, across the street from Bloomingdale’s.

How do you use a jitney?

Jitneys aren’t like your typical bus route. There is no preset timetable or schedule. Most jitney drivers rent a bus by the day and then spend their workday driving up and down the route, picking up passengers. At the end of the day, all of the fares that the driver collects are his or her take-home pay.

What was the Herkimer Battle Jitney?

According to the script, the Herkimer Battle Jitney was “a heavily armored, windowless, soundproof, personnel carrier (designed by the Pentagon in the fifties to take congressmen on battlefield fact finding tours).

Is jitney a Scrabble word?

Yes, jitney is in the scrabble dictionary.

Where does the Jitney stop in Manhattan?

The first stop of the HAMPTON JITNEY WESTHAMPTON bus route is Hampton Bays Westbound and the last stop is 3rd Ave &amp, 85th St. HAMPTON JITNEY WESTHAMPTON (Manhattan) is operational during everyday.

Is the jitney running in Cape May?

The City of Cape May welcomes back the Free Jitney Shuttle. The service will run Friday, Saturday, and Sunday through September 30, 2021 from 1:00 – 10:00 PM.

Is there WIFI on the Hampton Jitney?

Yes, all Hampton Jitney coaches offer free Wi-Fi service. Just set your SSID to “Jitney” or “Ambassador” . Due to the nature of this service, Internet connection can not be guaranteed.