How does eliezer lose his gold tooth?

As part of their medical examinations, prisoners were examined by a dentist. The dentist was looking for prisoners with gold teeth. The teeth were pulled, the gold was removed from the teeth and stockpiled by the Nazis.

How does Elie lose the gold crown on his tooth?

Not long after Eliezer and his father arrive in Buna, Eliezer is summoned to the dentist to have his gold crown pulled. He manages to plead illness and postpone having the crown removed. Soon after, the dentist is condemned to hanging for illegally trading in gold teeth.

How did Franek get the gold tooth from Elie?

How does he eventually get it? Franek wants Elie’s gold crown so he can melt it down and make a profit on it. Franek went on the marches and would torment him, his father eventually made him give the crown up and letting Franek pull it with a rusty spoon.

Who took Elie’s gold crown?

Who took Elie’s gold tooth? Why did Elie give it up? Franek the foreman took it. Franek was tormenting Elie’s father and two weeks later Elie gave him the tooth.

Did the dentist give Elie a gold crown for his rotten teeth?

The dentist gave Elie a gold crown for one of his rotten teeth. Q. What did Elie Wiesel do when Idek hit his father?

What did Franek do because Elie would not give Franek his gold crown?

What were Franek’s true intentions? Franek was beating Elie’s father because Elie would not give him his gold crown. Franek was beating Elie’s father because he had tried to get out of working.

Why did the soup taste better that Night?

On page 63, Elie says,”The soup tasted better than ever” then later on page 65 he says,”That night, the soup tasted of corpses.” Which shows how the soup would often reflect the feelings of Elie and the general mood of the camp.

How did Elie say the soup tasted the Night the pipel was hanged?

How did Elie say the soup tasted the night the pipel (young servant boy) was hanged? Elie said the soup tasted like corpses.

What was ironic about the dentist in night?

When he opened his mouth, there was a horrible sight of yellow decaying teeth.” This is ironic because no matter how hard they work, they will never be free. This is ironic because even though he is a dentist, he has horrible decaying teeth.

Why is Eliezer summoned to the dentist how does Eliezer describe the dentist what is ironic about his appearance?

He is summoned to the dentist because he has a gold tooth and the dentist is going to extract it. The dentist has rotten yellow teeth which is ironic because dentists are the people who fix your teeth so why would you go to a dentist who has poor dental hygiene himself.

What tactics does Franek use to persuade Elie to give him his gold crown?

What tactics does Franek use to persuade Elie to give him his gold crown? He targets Elie’s “weak spot:” his father. He hits and bullies Shlomo because he doesn’t march properly.

Why is Franek important in night?

Franek is Eliezer’s foreman at Buna, a selfish man who wants Eliezer’s gold crown and does what it takes to get it. He is typical of the people in charge at Auschwitz, from the higher ups to the low downs: selfish, greedy, and willing to exploit others.

What death symbolizes the loss of Elie’s faith?

Which of the following symbolizes Elie’s loss of faith? Night, the babies burning in pits in Auschwitz, and the hanging of the sad-eyed angel. Moshe the Beadle was killed when he was deported with the foreign Jews.

Why are these two hangings so important to him?

Why are these two hangings important to him and how do they differ from all the others? They were hangings where he felt two extremes. They were both hangings that shook him to his core. They were both used to show how he did not care about who was hanged as long as it wasn’t him.

What does bread symbolize in the night?

Bread represents survival at the fittest. Bread can represents family, friends, currency, negotiations, life and death. This specific text in Night “Intent on preparing our backpacks, on baking breads and cake.” Shows that before Elie and his family was sent to the concentration camp, bread is typical food.

What is a symbol in night?

Night is used throughout the book to symbolize death, darkness of the soul, and loss of faith. As an image, it comes up repeatedly. Even when the scene is literally set during the day, night may be invoked.

Why is the pipel hanged what makes this hanging different from most?

why is the pipel hanged? what makes the hanging different from most? The pipel was hung because he “has been found to possess arms,” and it was different from most hangings because “to hang a child in front of thousands of onlookers was not a small matter.”

What happened to the dentist?

What finally happened to the dentist and why? He was imprisoned for dealing in gold teeth. What happened to Elie one day at the factory?

Did Elie have his gold crown extracted?

Franek, the foreman, torments Chlomo for marching out of step as a means of preying on Elie’s feelings for his father’s suffering and thereby extorting the gold tooth. In desperation at his father’s torment, Elie allows a dentist from Warsaw to extract his gold crown with a rusty spoon.

Who is the sad eyed angel?

In the book Night the sad-eyed angel is a young boy that is hanged with two other prisoners. These three prisoners are suspected of trying to blow up… See full answer below.

Why is Elie whipped?

Elie gets whipped by Idek because he was spying on him and Elie found the little Polish girl that Idek was having sex with. Idek saw Elie spying on him and he was very angry and told Elie that he would pay for his actions later. Idek called Elie up in front of everyone and whipped him 25 times.

Why does Eliezer go to the dentist?

Elie was called to the dentist to extract his gold crown. He told the dentist he was ill and had a temperature. The dentist told Elie to return in a week.

How is Moshe treated after he returns?

How do people treat Moishe once he returns? They eagerly listen to his stories and ask him for advice. They welcome him into their homes. They do not believe his stories and they refuse to listen to him.

What were the SS’s orders in night?

What were the SS’s orders? The prisoners ran all night the orders were to shoot anyone who could not keep up with the pace.

When presented with the choice to evacuate or remain at Buna What do Elie and Shlomo decide?

Elie foot all started beginning to swollen of infection. Then they told him he needs operation and without it his foot will likely need to be amputated. When presented with the choice to evacuate or remain at Buna,what do Elie and Shlomo decide? stay with his father.

Who bombed the Buna camp?

Who bombs the camp at Buna? The Americans bomb the camp at Buna with planes, lasting for over an hour. Why is the pipel hanged? The pipel was hanged because they had found him to be possessing weapons that he was not aloud to have and they had condemned him to die.

Why was a prisoner shot during the air raid?

Why was a prisoner shot during an Allied air raid on the prison camp? He was trying to steal soup that had been left unattended. Why were the prisoners happy about the air raid even though they might have been killed by bombs? To the prisoners, it signaled the beginning of the end of the war.

What happened to Yossi and Tibi?

In one incident, Elie discovers him with a girl. As punishment, Idek gives him 25 strokes of the whip. Yossi and Tibi: Two Czech brothers whose parents are exterminated at Birkenau.

What does Elie tell Stein?

Stein, Eliezer’s cousin by marriage, wants nothing more than news of his family. Eliezer lies to Stein, telling him that his wife (Reizel) and children are fine. Eliezer’s lie allows Stein to find the will to live, Stein has no desire to survive unless his family is well.

Why did Elie cry when he prayed?

Why did he cry when he prayed? He says that he does not know why he prays it is simply because he has always done it, he cries when he prays because something deep within him feels the need to cry.

What stares back at Elie at the end of the novel?

What stares back at Elie at the end of the novel? Elie’s reflection on a mirror stares back at him, he describes the image as a living corpse.

How does bread and soup take on a new meaning?

How do words like soup and bread take on new meanings for Eliezer? Survival is all important, live on the verge of death, the soup and bread are the only means of survival. Elie witnessed two hangings in this section, he tells the reader that he witnessed many others yet he chose to write only about these 2.

Why does Eliezer describe the two hangings that he does?

The first on was because the young boy was armed with weapons. The second one because the pipel was stealing. How does Wiesel feel about his evening meal after each hanging?

Why is the Frenchwoman among the prisoners at the Buna labor camp?

Why was the Frenchwoman among the prisoners at the Buna labor camp? She had false papers filed saying she was an Ayran instead of a Jew. She played it off that she couldn’t speak German but only French.

What does the snow represent in Night?

Snow is usually a symbol of death, and even here could be construed to be, but as the Jews survive off of it, they turn death into a sustentation of their lives, it becomes a quiet, constant show of defiance of the death the Nazis wish upon them, and in its constancy it surely shows the resiliency of the human spirit.

What does the spoon and knife symbolize in Night?

The spoon and knife are symbolic because they represent how much the inmates really lost in the Holocaust. Most people get more than a spoon and knife for an inheritance but that’s truly all Elie’s father had.

What does the gold crown symbolize in Night?

The first symbol in Night is the color gold. The color gold is associated with the gold stars on the Jewish people, the gold crowns taken out of the prisoners teeth, and numerous other things. It represents the nobility the Jews were forced to have throughout the concentration camps.