How do you make citronella candles with essential oils?

  1. Affix Wicks. Select canning jars of any shape or size to house your citronella candles. …
  2. Warm Jars. Once wicks are affixed, keep jars in the oven, set to its lowest temperature until the wax is ready. …
  3. Measure Wax. Wax may come in bar form or flaked. …
  4. Melt Wax. …
  5. Add Citronella Oil. …
  6. Add Color. …
  7. Pour Wax. …
  8. Cut Wicks.

How do you make citronella oil candles?


  1. STEP 1: Measure a 80:20 ratio of soy wax to beeswax.
  2. STEP 2: Melt wax mixture.
  3. STEP 3: Prepare candle tins.
  4. STEP 4: Add citronella fragrance oil.
  5. STEP 5: Pour wax into candle tins.
  6. STEP 6: Remove wick bars and trim wick.

How do you make insect repellent candles with essential oils?

How to Make Natural Mosquito Candles with Essential Oils

What is the best essential oil to keep mosquitoes away?


Citronella is a common natural and effective essential oil that works against mosquitoes. Made from a mix of herbs, it’s an ingredient in many mosquito repellents.

What candle scent keeps mosquitoes away?

What Candle Scents Keep Bugs Away? Of the candle scents that repel mosquitos, citronella is the most popular. Citronella candles seem to be really effective both indoors and outdoors. Each one can protect about three square feet around the flame, so you’ll want several to place in your patio.

Can you make homemade citronella candles?

Make your own citronella candles using citronella essential oil, soy wax, and hemp candle wicks. You can use an old pot or buy one specifically for this purpose for around $10. We repurposed La Fermière French yogurt pots, but any small cup, jar or can work!

What wax is best for citronella candles?

DIY citronella candle making supplies

soy wax – Soy wax is the best wax for essential oil candles. I used Golden Brands 464 soy wax to create this citronella candle recipe. This soy wax burns cleanly, has a high fragrance load and will produce great looking candles.

How do you make citronella candles stop mosquitoes?

  1. Affix Wicks. Select canning jars of any shape or size to house your citronella candles. …
  2. Warm Jars. Once wicks are affixed, keep jars in the oven, set to its lowest temperature until the wax is ready. …
  3. Measure Wax. Wax may come in bar form or flaked. …
  4. Melt Wax. …
  5. Add Citronella Oil. …
  6. Add Color. …
  7. Pour Wax. …
  8. Cut Wicks.

Where should you put citronella candles?

Place several candles around the area you will be using to ensure coverage of the citronella scent. Citronella candles are suitable for repelling insects and mosquitoes in the home and on porch areas.

How do I make my own candle repellent?

You will need a lime, Lemon Eucalyptus 100% essential oil, fresh rosemary sprigs, a floating candle, a lemon, and a pint sized jar. Place two slices each of lemon and lime in your jar. Cut your rosemary sprigs to fit vertically in your jar. Pour about 10 drops of the Lemon Eucalyptus essential oil into your jar.

What smell do mosquitoes hate?

Mosquitoes have an incredibly strong sense of smell, which they use to find accessible food sources. You can repel mosquitoes by using scents they hate, like lavender, peppermint oil, geranium oil, cinnamon bark oil, lemon eucalyptus oil, citronella oil, catnip, rosemary, and pine oil.

How do I keep mosquitoes out of my yard naturally?

Here are 6 simple ways to naturally repel mosquitoes.

  1. Remove Excess Vegetation. …
  2. Stock Ponds or Marshes. …
  3. Reduce Standing Water. …
  4. Attract Mosquito Eating Animals. …
  5. Plant Mosquito Repellent Plants. …
  6. Watch What You Wear. …
  7. Choose a Safer Spray for Extra Control.

How do you make mosquito killer liquid at home?

You’ll need half a cup of distilled water, half a cup of witch hazel, rubbing alcohol, or vinegar, and 30 to 40 drops of essential oil of your choice. (Rubbing alcohol may be irritating if sprayed on the skin, and witch hazel is the gentlest option for sprays.)

What do citronella candles repel?

Citronella candles are great for setting a mood, but they’re not so great for the very thing they’re advertised to do: repel mosquitoes. That’s one conclusion from a new study that tested 11 types of repellents on Aedes aegypti mosquitoes—the vectors of Zika, yellow fever, dengue, and other diseases.

What fragrance goes with citronella?

The scent of Citronella Oil is known to blend well with all citrus essential oils, such as Lemon and Bergamot, as well as with Cedarwood, Clary Sage, Eucalyptus, Geranium, Lavender, Peppermint, Pine, Rosemary, Sandalwood, and Tea Tree essential oils.

Can I make my own mosquito repellent?

Combine the apple cider vinegar and an equal amount of water in a small spray bottle. Next, add in your chosen essential oil, noting that rosemary, lavender, and peppermint best complement the somewhat strong scent of the base. Give the bottle a good shake to finish.

What wax is best for outdoor candles?

Editor’s Tip: We recommend using soy wax because it is biodegradable and drips of melted wax on a table or countertop clean up with soap and water. Soy wax will also burn longer than some other waxes, like paraffin, so your finished candle will last longer.

Why are citronella candles for outdoor use only?

These candles are intended for outdoor use only because they can lead to poor air quality when used inside, however, using citronella candles close to the entrance to your home during outdoor activities will help prevent mosquitoes from finding their way inside when people open the door to go in and out.

How long does a citronella candle last?

These candles have an average burn time of about 35 hours. Standard citronella candles cover a wide range of products and burn times. You can get about 20 to 45 hours of use out of these candles. Tin citronella candles are encased in tin to prevent wind from extinguishing the flame.

How do you make citronella soy candles?

DIY Candles with Soy Wax and Citronella – YouTube

How do you make an outdoor candle?


  1. Place 2 cups soy wax flakes in an old glass jar. …
  2. Once the wax has melted, add your essential oils and stir to combine.
  3. Place a wick in the bottom of your candle container. …
  4. Pour the wax into the container and let cool overnight.
  5. Trim the wick before lighting the candle for the first time.

How do you make citronella candles in a Mason jar?

How To Make DIY Citronella Candles

  1. Slice up the lemon and lime. …
  2. Add 2 lemon slices to the mason jar, pushing them down to the bottom of the jar. …
  3. Add 2 slices of lime to the mason jar.
  4. Add a spring of rosemary that reaches almost to the top of the jar. …
  5. Fill the mason jar most of the way up with water.

When should you light citronella candles?

Once you’ve got your Barrier of Protection set up, make sure that you light your candles and torches about 20-30 minutes before getting the party started.

What bugs does citronella repel?

You’re probably most familiar with citronella candles to repel mosquitoes, but the smell comes from a plant called Cymbopogon nardus, which gives off a distinct beach grass vibe. It’s the oil from the plant that’s actually the repellent, according to the National Pesticide Information Center (NPIC).

Does citronella keep spiders away?

Citronella repels more than just mosquitoes – it also repels spiders! Add a couple of drops of citronella essential oil to your candles or air filters. Spiders hate the smell of citronella and will avoid areas with this oil. Using lemon dust cleaner helps too.

How do you make citronella spray?

  1. Boil 1 cup of water. Add 3 to 4 tablespoons of fresh or dried citronella. Mix well. …
  2. Pour the liquid into the spray bottle. Add 1 cup of witch hazel or rubbing alcohol. If desired, add 1/2 teaspoon of vegetable glycerin.
  3. Store it in a cool place, such as the fridge. Shake before spraying.

Can you put citronella essential oil on your skin?

Citronella oil is often used as an insect repellent, although research has indicated it may also have antifungal properties and help with wound healing. You can use citronella oil in a diffuser or spray bottle, or you can dilute it in an oil or lotion before applying it to your skin.

Is citronella oil good for mosquitoes?

Citronella is a well-known mosquito repellent. In a dose by dose comparison, citronella is initially as effective as DEET. However, citronella oil evaporates quickly, meaning that it is only effective for a short time. Also, high concentrations of citronella can cause skin irritation.

Does Irish Spring soap repel mosquitoes?

No, there is no scientific backing from the EPA or CDC that Irish Spring soap repels mosquitoes.

Do dryer sheets keep mosquitoes away?

Answer: Both. Although dryer sheets haven’t been officially proven to repel mosquitoes, their effectiveness hasn’t been disproven, either. It’s possible these common household items are a successful mosquito-repellant.

Do mosquitoes not like lavender?

Lavender – Lavender is not only an effective mosquito repellent, it’s also touted as a powerful ointment to relieve itchy mosquito bites. This oil has a pleasant floral scent and is the safest choice for children.

Does hydrogen peroxide keep mosquitoes away?

Spray Hydrogen Peroxide

For DIY mosquito repellent, mix up a batch of 1/3 hydrogen peroxide and 2/3 water—and spray it over your patio and its perimeter, especially in places where guests will be sitting and eating.

Do coffee grounds keep mosquitoes away?

You can control them with coffee grounds, a safe and effective way to keep pests away. Not only do they repel mosquitoes, but also other insects such as wasps and bees. Coffee grounds are the bee’s knees when it comes to staying bug bite free.

How do I permanently get rid of mosquitoes?

Here are ways to get rid of mosquitoes inside the house:

  1. Stop mosquitoes from entering your home. …
  2. Stop mosquitoes from breeding inside the house. …
  3. Keep mosquito repellent plants. …
  4. Keep sliced lemon and cloves around the house. …
  5. Use a garlic spray to control mosquitoes. …
  6. Keep a dish of soapy water. …
  7. Keep a dish of beer or alcohol.

What essential oil can I substitute for citronella?

Here are our alternatives to Citronella

  • Lemon is a natural bug repellent. Lemon based products are a fantastic solution to repelling insects, as bugs find the lemony aroma and flavour unpleasant. …
  • Bog Myrtle. …
  • Lavender. …
  • Peppermint.

Which is the best mosquito liquid?

10 best natural mosquito repellents

  • Vinegar. …
  • Lemon and cloves. …
  • Lavender oil. …
  • Basil. …
  • Camphor. …
  • Peppermint. Peppermint is another natural way to combat mosquitoes. …
  • Coconut oil and neem oil. A combination of coconut oil and neem oil works as a natural repellent. …
  • Coffee grounds. Coffee grounds can help keep mosquitos at bay.

How do you use citronella oil?

How to Use Citronella as a Pest Repellent

  1. Apply it directly to the skin.
  2. Mix it with lotion or oil before applying it to the skin.
  3. Add it to an aromatherapy diffuser.
  4. Add 2–3 drops to cotton balls and place them strategically around the home or outdoor area.
  5. Mix it with water in a spray bottle.

Why does off citronella candle say not intended to repel mosquitoes?

Contrary to popular opinion, the scent isn’t toxic or irritating to mosquitoes. “The mechanism by which citronella repels mosquitoes involves it masking human odors so that mosquitoes don’t detect the presence of a potential host,” says Joseph M. Conlon, technical adviser at the American Mosquito Control Association.

Why do bugs hate citronella?

Citronella, an essential oil extracted from grasses in the Cymbopogon family, helps repel bugs largely thanks to the way it masks the scent of people.

Do scented candles keep bugs away?

Scented candles do not kill or harm mosquitoes. They are simply designed to repel them while the candle is burning. Most scented candles use citronella oil to repel mosquitoes. So, they work in the same way as when you apply citronella oil to your skin as a spray or a lotion.